PERFECT  landscaping professionals can bring life to any part of your property by designing and creating a fantastic landscape that will leave your friends and family green with envy.


We believe in creating unique and elegant lawn and landscape for all types of commercial and residential properties in the UAE.


Our skilled landscape architects and designers can help you develop a beautiful landscape and offer residential and commercial clients expert advice on the following services, to transform your yard into a lush creation and creating a new environment for your enjoyment.


 Front yard and balconylandscaping

 Dessert landscaping

 Backyard landscaping


 Sprinkler & Irrigation systems Water

• Conservation techniques Grass-free


 Water Feature




PERFECT  specializes in installing automatic irrgration system that is operated by a computerized controller and has been engineered to function automatically and with minimum manual participation. Our Specialists deploy only commercial grade sprinkler system parts and installation techniques to ensure top quality results. An automatic irrigation system has the ability to discharge precise and exact amounts of water to a particular area. Automatic irrigation systems are also quite convenient and highly practical for individuals who have farms and large landscaped areas. Once an automatic irrigation system has been set up, it can be programmed to water at specific times. Automatic irrigation systems therefore conserve water as opposed to watering a garden with the help of a hose which often leads to water wastage.

The automatic irrigation system includes the following components: piping, sprinkler heads, dripper heads and other parts that are associated with a standard irrigation system along with automated components such as control pads, sensors, programmable timers, solenoids and so on.



Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials in the built environment structures that are incorporated into a landscape. This can include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, sleeper walls, stairs, walkways, and any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, concrete etc. as opposed to softscape, the horticultural elements of a landscape


Softscape refers to the live horticultural elements of a landscape. Softscaping can include, flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds, and duties like weed/nuisance management, grading, planting, mowing, trimming, aerating, spraying, and digging for everything from plants and shrubs, to flower beds. Wheelbarrows and manual tools like rakes, shovels, picks, and gas power tools are commonly used.


The term softscape stands in contrast to hardscape which represents inanimate objects of a landscape such as : pavers, stones, rocks, planter boxes, arbors, water feature as well as structures of wood and natural stone and concrete, like retaining walls, patios, fences and decks, pergolas, stairs, Etc





Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls are all at home in a residential garden. Infinitely customizable, these features can be large or small and intricate or simple in design.





We offer a complete residential, commercial, landscape maintenance and garden care service.

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires more than just adding some fertilizer and pesticide. Weeding, mowing and edging are necessary steps in keeping your lawn lush and healthy throughout the year. At Clean Deal Gardens, our lawn maintenance staff can help in removing weeds. We take mowing chores off your hands, performing the service weekly or monthly.

Our General Garden Maintenance services cover


 Weed Control - Garden, Lawns,

 Paths and hedging and Driveways


 Leaf Clearing

 Removal of dead leaves

 Trimming and shaping of hedges and Shrubs

 Weed, pest and disease control Treatment

 Composting, lawn Dressing and fertilizing

 Seasonal splitting and replanting of  plants

 Indoor Plants maintenance

 Garden clearance



We are well equipped with all the necessary services which will always help you to keep your swimming pool clean, efficient and safe. Our swimming pool maintenance services includes:



Swimming pool cleaning includes tile cleaning, cleaning the pool deck and the cleaning of poolequipment like the skimmer, pump basket, filters etc. Once the cleaning process is over your swimming pool and deck will be totally clean and disinfected.


This is a very important task that need to be carry out frequently to ensure safety to the people using the pool as well as to the swimming pool equipments. Water with imbalanced pH can cause corrosion to pool equipments thus damaging the electro-mechanics of your swimming pool. Similarly calcium hardness needs to be maintained to protect the plaster. Apart from these chlorine needs to be stabilized and accumulated added dissolved components needs to be removed on proper intervals.




Swimming pool cleaning includes tile cleaning, cleaning the pool deck and the cleaning of pool equipment like the skimmer, pump basket, filters etc. Once the cleaning process is over your swimming pool and deck will be totally clean and disinfected.



One of our key services is visiting and assisting our clients in selecting plants to suit locations within the workplace or living space. Our team will thoroughly check the space layout, environment and light, then recommend plants and pots to complement and accent the ambiance.

From low maintenance succulents to bonsais and indoor trees, once you invest in turning your office or home into a lush green space, the last thing you want is for your beautiful shrubs to wither or perish! PERFECT experts are your ‘go to’ people for keeping your indoors thriving, with a service that offers a weekly maintenance visit to maintain your plants.



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